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Experience the Benefits of Oxygen Facials

One of the newly discovered skin care essentials are oxygen treatments. These can range from oxygen sprays, creams, and more. Oxygen treatments have found themselves increasingly popular across many countries. If you make it a habit to go to spas, you may be familiar with these oxygen treatments. One thing is for certain though, you’ve heard about oxygen facials from one of the most popular celebrities in the world and that is none other than Madonna. It was Madonna who further raised the popularity of oxygen facials, as she herself experienced its wonderful benefits for the skin in her last world tour. In fact, she loved oxygen facials so much she actually travels to the part of the world that offers it on a regular basis.

If you are not convinced from mere celebrity endorsements alone, then it’s time you know what oxygen treatments can offer you. One of oxygen’s functions is regeneration. Doctors have been using oxygen in the medical field to treat conditions that would otherwise not have healed on their own. Oxygen has been known to treat conditions such as severe burns, gangrene as well as wounds. Bacteria and other harmful agents cannot survive in an environment that has high concentrations of oxygen. It has also been found that with high concentrations of oxygen, the body can trigger its own healing.

In pre-historic times, the world’s atmosphere contained 35% oxygen. Now, due to massive deforestation and the Industrial Revolution, the world’s oxygen content has gone down to 21%. This level is even worse in some parts of the world, particularly highly-urbanized and developed cities. In these parts, the oxygen has gone down to a shocking 17%. According to the United States EPA, the States produce 137 million tons worth of pollution every year. If the world’s atmosphere is this much polluted, imagine the beating received by your skin? Your skin needs to be healthy in order to function properly as well as look beautiful. Your bodies, including your skin, are starved of oxygen.

With this in mind, it only makes sense that by using oxygen as a treatment for varied skin conditions will be beneficial for all. Since everybody’s skins are starved, replenishing it with oxygen will help treat it and make it look young and beautiful again. It is recommended that people get oxygen facials once every month for it to really work. The process involved in oxygen facials includes spraying the affected areas with 98% hyperbaric oxygen. This oxygen will be mixed with antioxidants and essential nutrients the skin needs to stay healthy. This mixture repairs skin damages at the cellular level, making them very effective. By working at the cellular level, the mixture helps eradicate free radicals that are responsible for the onset of premature aging. At the same time, the mixture also helps in collagen and elastin production keeping the skin youthful looking.

If you want to have firm and smooth skin, no traces of wrinkles and fine lines, then try out oxygen facials now. What’s even greater about oxygen facials is that the benefits are all cumulative. The longer you treat yourself to oxygen facials, the healthier and more youthful your skin becomes. Use an effective skin care treatment known to deliver great results like oxygen facials.


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