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Facial and Body Clay Masks, A Perfect Skin Regime

Your skin care regime is not complete if you will not include a facial and body clay masks. Clay is best used in gardens and well known as a part of most soils. However, in the beauty industry, it has other functions. Even if the function of the clay changes; still the properties are retained.

High quality sun dried clays which come from Argiletz, France are the best clays in the market today. They are otherwise called Argiletz clays. Moreover, they are extracted at areas which are free from contamination in specific depths and quarried in strict conditions. This extraction helps the clay to retain its mineral content and purity.

Argiletz clays, particularly the green ones are naturally concentrated and they contain various mineral salts and trace elements including calcium, iron, zinc, and many others. These mineral salts, trace elements and other nutrients found in the clays help to detoxify, nourish, soothe and restore your skin. Argiletz clay is also used in Wild crafted Herbal Products and facial and body clay masks. These clays are available for different skin types.

Have a skin that secretes excessive oil and sweat? You must use a facial and body clay mask which is perfect for absorbing those oil and sweat. Green clay is basically used to normalize excessive secretion of oil and sweat and good in repairing your skin tissues. Furthermore, green clay draws out toxins in your skin. Moreover, it cleanses, exfoliates and softens your skin.

Mild clay is perfect for normal skin. It can be a natural substitute for talcum powder. It has similar properties with green clay; however, this clay can be an excellent body deodorant. White clay is suitable for young and sensitive or mature and delicate skins. It can be applied as a face and body mask or as a powder. And if you want to soothe and soften your dry hands the white clay is the clay of choice.

Dry, sensitive and mature skins can take oily, mild, absorbent or red clay masks for their faces and bodies. Red clay, which is high in iron oxide, is good for broken capillaries, eye bags and sensitive skin types. And if you want to tone your bust, thighs, bellies and upper arms, you can use the red clay.

A softening effect on your skin can be given to you by the pink clay. It refines the skin’s texture and at the same time tones the outer layer of the skin. It is also intended for use in a maintenance program for your face and body.

Having the same properties with the green clay, the yellow clay helps in restoring tired and neglected skin. Yellow clay is derived from iron oxide or Xanthoria Parietina. Generally, this clay is used as facial and body clay mask for those that need revitalizing.
Your skin is a vital part of your body; it covers and protects everything inside you. So learn how to keep it clean and safe from infections. Choose the clay that will suit your skin. Using facial and body clay mask is one way of treating your skin kindly.

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