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Facial and Body Clay Masks, A Perfect Skin Regime

Your skin care regime is not complete if you will not include a facial and body clay masks. Clay is best used in gardens and well known as a part of most soils. However, in the beauty industry, it has other functions. Even if the function of the clay changes; still the properties are retained.
High [...]

Laser Facial Treatment - Reveal the New You

Your face is your first asset. More often than not, you get the attention of other people through your face. Just is the same case with you. You look at someone right in his face - and where else? Going further, you create the first impression by how well (or how bad) your facial skin [...]

Treat Your Skin to the Benefits of Spa Treatments

Visiting the spa isn’t just to keep your nerves and muscles calm. Only quite a few people realize the many wonders spa treatments can offer to one’s skin. Most people go to spas just to relax and get some time off from the hazards of the real world. Whether you have you a massage done [...]

Knowing which is best for Your Skin - Microdermabrasion VS Traditional Facials

One of the recent breakthroughs in skin care treatments is Microdermabrasion. With the development of this skin care treatment, people have begun opting for this instead of the traditional facial. Why is Microdermabrasion rising in popularity over the traditional facial? It’s time that you find out.
Many people are already familiar with traditional facials. In [...]

Experience the Benefits of Oxygen Facials

One of the newly discovered skin care essentials are oxygen treatments. These can range from oxygen sprays, creams, and more. Oxygen treatments have found themselves increasingly popular across many countries. If you make it a habit to go to spas, you may be familiar with these oxygen treatments. One thing is for certain though, you’ve [...]

The Right Hair Style for Your Type of Hair

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If you want to have a haircut, try to consider your hair texture and type first. Make sure that the style that you will be having is manageable so that you can be glam everyday. Your face shape is an important factor to consider in choosing the hair style that will look [...]

Skin Talk

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Your skin is also an organ but because skin diseases are easier to cure than ailments such as heart ailments, you might just take those for granted. Everyone should know that you should take care of your skin in three major ways: by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
Wash your face with a [...]