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Hair Trends That Bridge the Past and the Present

Hairstyles that turn heads once, twice, or even more can be expected in 2008. Artists as well as customers have opened the gates to the land of unending trends in hair fashion. From the limited world that was used to be dominated by a singular style, today’s hairstyles are in the level of art, already as a form of self expression.

Evidently, hair color as a form of art has achieved such status in only a short time. The marriage between the older and the modern hairstyles paved the way to practically change one’s hairstyle just as he would change his clothes.

If this is true, then what could be expected from hairstyles this 2008?

This year will be a reincarnation of the hairstyles of the 20’s and 40’s. These could be described as pared down glamour, sophisticated, elegant style for women that exude a polished look with a low key “regal” quality.

The old style is made modern through the use of blunt fringes of shorter length. You can try wearing this style and you can be sure to expect the best changes in your appearance.

If you have straight hair, add fullness to it by adding stick-straight locks plus blunt fringes that highlight the texture of your hair.

Another hair trend for 2008 is the “at the side” style which is very appropriate for the cropped hairstyle. Peaks and swirls also enhance hair texture. Matching this with hair color, you can create your own fashion statement.

Curls cannot be set aside. They still get much attention. Curls can range from the wavy to the flowing. If you are after ease and versatility, the bob hairstyle is still in. This hairstyle can match different personalities. Bobs tend to reveal the true beauty of a woman. They tend to lengthen the neck and provide frame for the face to make the eyes more prominent.

To avoid that little girl effect that goes with the bob hairstyle, the stylist must be good at layering and texture cutting to achieve the desired effect.

Men’s hairstyles have also joined the widening horizons. Although some men, most of them celebrities, have been contented with the chopped and even shaved “hairstyle”, still many are getting the high of sporting a hairstyle that has proved to identify the men of the past.

The key factor in men’s hairstyling is movement. Through the use of wax and putty, the illusion of motion is achieved through the “construction” of spikes.

For a more formal hairstyle, a roll of hair worn at the nape of the neck called chignon is becoming popular. There is also a favor for side-styling, weeping hair off to one side with matching curls at the ends.

With regard to hair color, deep shades are in demand in spring time. Others go for dimensional colors that use varying widths. A more sophisticated look can be achieved by having contrasting highlights or lowlights in different layers of hair. This kind of hairstyle can be changed to suit different occasions.

The year 2008 is a year that would reveal the hairstyle trends of men and women of the modern age. It would also bring back to life those hairstyles of the past that used to steal the fashion scene.

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