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70s Fashion - Timeless Craze

One good example of evolution is the fashion industry. Each year, new collections of outfits are being released together with their matching cosmetics. Among all the past decades, the 1970 got the biggest highlight in fashion. Women then have the right to wear what they want and were given a choice whether to show skin [...]

Permanent Make-up - Look More Beautiful and Why Not?

Do you know that permanent make-up is becoming more and more popular to many people? Considered as an emerging new trend in cosmetic surgery, it has found its way to enhance the effects of reconstructive plastic surgery. However, permanent make-up is much easier to perform, entails less pain and requires a shorter healing time.
Find out [...]

Permanent Cosmetics - Look More Beautiful, Spend Less Time and Money

Permanent make up as an emerging alternative to the ordinary day-to-day make up is fast gaining wide acceptance. However, some people are net yet well-informed of its advantages. Because of this, they have that negative attitude and may even be afraid to try. They do not know that using permanent cosmetics as they are sometimes [...]

Is Your Wedding Make-up Artist Qualified?

Wedding preparations include different details. From the wedding entourage, the wedding gown, the number of guests, the reception venue, etc. Lots of concerns could drown you and forget some minor but important ones. Of course, the wedding make-up artist should be in the list of one of the most important persons during your wedding day. [...]

Why Cosmetic Surgery Needs a Thorough Evaluation

In this age when almost everyone puts a high premium on physical beauty, women are feeling the constant pressure to be in good appearance at all times. People normally judge a woman first by her physical attributes and the way she presents herself. If you feel that you are still lacking in the beauty [...]

The Right Hair Style for Your Type of Hair

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If you want to have a haircut, try to consider your hair texture and type first. Make sure that the style that you will be having is manageable so that you can be glam everyday. Your face shape is an important factor to consider in choosing the hair style that will look [...]

Skin Talk

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Your skin is also an organ but because skin diseases are easier to cure than ailments such as heart ailments, you might just take those for granted. Everyone should know that you should take care of your skin in three major ways: by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
Wash your face with a [...]