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Massage & Reflexology

Therapeutic Massage - Then and Now

Even before the time of Christ, massage has already been popular and widely accepted by different groups of people. Records show that the Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks and Romans used therapeutic massage to give relief to their aching muscles. The documents revealed that both the royalties and the ordinary people believed in its benefits. In [...]

Massage Strategies that Keep Your Body In Good Shape

The benefits of massage cannot yet be fully accepted by many. These are some who consider it as just another form of luxury which can be substituted anytime they want to. Others see it as one effective method of relaxing one’s self and that they need a regular dose of it from their favorite therapist.
People [...]

Deep Tissue Massage - A Way to Reach Deep Within

Deep tissue massage when correctly employed can remove those knots that have long been embedded in your muscles. You can get a good therapeutic deep massage from spas. Regular costumers keep on visiting these spas because for sure they get the relief that they have always looked for. Expert therapists use a technique that goes [...]

The Way of the Stone Therapy Massage

Each stone is designed to accomplish a unique goal during the massage. The number of stones normally needed amount to a total of seven. While there are those employed for the actual massage others are used to achieve a specific balance for the body. In order to bring about therapy both in the emotional and [...]

The Importance of Reflexology and Cleansing

The foundation of reflexology rests on the argument that illness can be treated by targeting certain points on the feet and applying the appropriate force and medications on those points. These points are then massaged by applying different levels of pressure, with the goal of helping the body cope with the weak areas and enhance [...]

Treat Yourself to an Essential Oil Massage

If you haven’t tried an essential oil massage then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Sure, getting a massage is very rewarding after a long and grueling week, when you can hardly wait to lie face down and get a good full body massage. However, indulging yourself in an oil-based massage may be challenging [...]

Treat Yourself to a De-stressing Body Massage

A body massage can be equated with luxury - you just lie on your tummy, drift of to sleep in no time while a massage therapist kneads your muscle into jelly, slowly drowning all the stresses away. Indeed a trip to the spa to get a good massage will complete anyone’s weekend. Getting massages from [...]

The Right Hair Style for Your Type of Hair

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If you want to have a haircut, try to consider your hair texture and type first. Make sure that the style that you will be having is manageable so that you can be glam everyday. Your face shape is an important factor to consider in choosing the hair style that will look [...]

Skin Talk

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Your skin is also an organ but because skin diseases are easier to cure than ailments such as heart ailments, you might just take those for granted. Everyone should know that you should take care of your skin in three major ways: by cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
Wash your face with a [...]