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The Importance of Reflexology and Cleansing

The foundation of reflexology rests on the argument that illness can be treated by targeting certain points on the feet and applying the appropriate force and medications on those points. These points are then massaged by applying different levels of pressure, with the goal of helping the body cope with the weak areas and enhance the cleansing and healing processes. Originating in the East, this type of physical treatment has already achieved a strong foothold in the Western world as well.

Toxins overload can damage the human body to a great extent, and these toxins normally accumulate without the individual recognizing the ill effects of these contaminants on the bodily systems. Believe it or not, toxins can be sourced almost anywhere, and these are not just limited to air pollutants or unclean environment. The food that you eat may unknowingly contain deadly toxins, as well as the water that you drink on a daily basis. When these contaminants enter the body and the immune system is not able to ward them off, infection follows. This is the reason why cancer, tumors, and other complicated diseases have been surfacing at regular intervals these recent years. What’s worse is that even chemically manufactured drugs could contain high levels of toxins as well. What the patient does not recognize is that the drugs are already wreaking more havoc into the system.

Reflexology is just one of the alternative treatments gaining more popularity these days, in the goal of achieving a more nature-based healing for a host of physiological illnesses. Western medication often has been found wanting in a more natural approach and this is where unconventional yet effective means become more appropriate. In fact, the popularity of wellness spas nowadays is just one of many evidences, as more people derive better health with cleansing procedures from organic diets and herb-based medications. While these treatments may seem unusual for some, a growing number of individuals have begun to appreciate these different yet effective forms of treatment.

Indeed, reflexology is not a concept that can be easily integrated into the more scientific fundamentals of Western ideas. Many people question the relationship between the foot and the rest of the body’s ailments, as well as the ability of this practice to promote general healing just by targeting specific areas.

The manner of reflexology in removing the dreaded contaminants from the body has been founded by healing experts in ancient China and Japan, and is now being utilized as well. This involved the use of herbal extracts and tree roots, and placing them on several areas on the body, so as to treat various physical complaints. It has been found that applying these pant-based mixtures can treat pain, toxins overload, and constriction of blood vessels.

There is a modern and more convenient means however to achieve the detoxification process through herbal remedies, and this involves the use of patches sold commercially. You can easily attach them to your soles the night before and remove the same each morning. This is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to cleanse your body from all the unnecessary toxins and attain better health.


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