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The Suitable Hairstyle for You

Let your crowning glory bring out the best feature in you. Have a new hairstyle. Trying the newest and the trendiest hairstyles is always a risk. Keep away from those months of growing those uncomplimentary hairstyles and decide on the perfect hairstyle for you. Know your face shape, and soften those harsh face lines. Here are the different kinds of face shapes with their hairstyle guidelines.

A wide forehead and a narrow chin constitute the heart shaped face. Heart shaped face should go for side swept bangs or slanted bangs. With this shape, you should also maintain the top layers of your hair soft and long, and keep its length as something that will help you to frame the jaw line of your face.

A narrow face with hollow cheeks is classified as a long shaped face. With this shape, a chin length bob with an edging that creates horizontal lines is preferred. You can also go for layers. An ideal way to create an illusion of width that will balance your long face is through brow-skimming bangs and scrunch dried or curly bobs. Short cuts or hairstyles that add height on the top of your face is a big no-no.

A face which is wide with a round hairline and chin line is round shaped. With this shape, you should consider having thin and tapered hair ends. Soft, graduated layers are the ideal hairstyles for this face type because they make the face look slimmer. They also get rid of the volume from the sides and add some height to the top of your head; thus, making your face to come out longer.

You definitely have a square face if you have a square shaped hairline and chin. With this shape, you should choose a hairstyle that will soften the square jaw line. You can have it through curls or choppy ends. Another option is having long layers with soft waves. Learn to keep away from those geometric lines by avoiding those chin length bobs and fringes on the forehead. You should also avoid those short, sleek styles with layers that will accentuate your square face.

An oval face can be described with a forehead slightly wider than the chin. With this face shape, you are lucky because you can wear any hairstyle that you want. Still your perfect hairstyle choice depends on your hair type and texture. Moreover, if you have an oval face, you should avoid hairstyles that will add height on the top of your head. Those short layers will just make your face appear long. You should also try to avoid blunt cut if your hair is thick or curly.

Some people have curly hair. If you are among them, you can try different straightening products. You may also opt for layered hairstyles to reduce the volume and the curls, making it easier to maintain. For hair that tends to be tightly curled or frizzy, razor cuts should be avoided. Furthermore, the curls should be slightly loose if you have a long hair.

Your crowning glory serves as a reflection to your style, fashion and personality. Consider all those guidelines and surely you can decide which look to take. You can have a new hairstyle and a new reflection to your style, fashion and personality.

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