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The Way of the Stone Therapy Massage

Each stone is designed to accomplish a unique goal during the massage. The number of stones normally needed amount to a total of seven. While there are those employed for the actual massage others are used to achieve a specific balance for the body. In order to bring about therapy both in the emotional and physiological sense, the stones need to be heated and to be targeted in specific areas on the body.

The heated stones are utilized for their abilities to aid in releasing deep-seated tension and soreness from the muscles. In order to stabilize this, the cool stones are responsible for refreshing the body, thus completing the treatment. Stone massage therapy can be done on its own, or accomplished along with a variety of other types of massages like targeting specific points or using aromatherapy and oils.

Through a combination of these massages, a renewed level of energy is acquired, relieving stress and tension. The hot and cold sensation from the stones creates a balanced manner of therapy. The role of the warmed stones lies in its ability to promote enhanced blood circulation, aiding the muscles and cleansing processes. The cool stones aid in diminishing any irritation that may have been caused by the hot stones. It also helps in detoxification processes within the bodily system.
With detoxification, the body is being cleansed from all the toxins built up by unhealthy lifestyles.

Stone Massage Therapy Advantages

If you are stressed and desperately need to relax and achieve a more balanced health, stone therapy massage is one excellent treatment. More than releasing tension from the muscles, it can also promote faster healing for joint pains and other injuries. Some of its further advantages are enumerated below:

• Cleanses the system on a physical and emotional level
• Aids in faster tissue healing
• Gives a calming effect on the body
• Energizes and alleviates physical tension
• Allows the patient to experience more stability and achieve a recharged feeling

How a Stone Therapy Massage is professionally done

After lying face down, you will be wrapped at the back with a towel and on top of which the stones will be placed in specific areas. The stones will be both hot and cool. Essential oils are also used to massage different parts of your body, using the stones and the masseur’s hands. What these massage therapists normally do is to start at the foot and legs area, and then to move the stones gradually on the upper areas of the body.

Treat yourself to a Stone Therapy Massage

You can avail of this revitalizing body massage service from several spas and massage therapists around. You may not know it, but a stone therapy massage could be all that you need.


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