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Therapeutic Massage - Then and Now

Even before the time of Christ, massage has already been popular and widely accepted by different groups of people. Records show that the Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks and Romans used therapeutic massage to give relief to their aching muscles. The documents revealed that both the royalties and the ordinary people believed in its benefits. In later years, Hippocrates wrote something about the benefits of massage. However, not many people held that massage can contribute to the wellness of an individual. They have not discovered the magic of therapeutic massage. Even in modern times, its long list of benefits cannot be underestimated.

Through time, therapeutic massage has proved to help reduce back pain, exercise weak muscles, strengthen the immune system, tone down depression, increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, and relieve tension. Actually, the list does not end here as you would discover more of its benefits as you personally experience them. Although different persons will experience different results, the general feelings of being reenergized and relieved prevail.

To ensure that you reduce your fatigue and increase your energy, let a professional therapist do the session with you. He may use the different strategies and use his specific body parts for the massage. He may even use portable gadgets in order to make you feel great after the session.

As a professional, he should know when to use the different ways of applying pressure. He should also know when to use his hand, elbows, arms, and even knees. Unlike the untrained one, he should be sure about what he is going to do with you. In addition, he should be an expert in using handheld devices that can help him give a deeper massage effect.

As you receive therapeutic massage, your nerves become relaxed and prevent the pain message to be brought to your brain. Your system simultaneously increases endorphins, your natural pain killing agent which also helps in controlling the sensation of pain. As your muscles are loosened, blood circulation is improved, nourishing them and allowing them to relax.

Therapeutic massage also helps your lymph system rid your body of waste materials and allows more nutrients to be absorbed. Too much tension in the lymph nodes prevents the lymph nodes from functioning fully. A good massage will undo the blockage, boost the activity of your immune system, and will remove those unwanted garbage out of your system.

The use of mechanical motorized massage is recommended to people who want to get that quick and deeper tissue massage. Professional therapists are well trained on how to effectively use this device. It uses percussion as its primary action that goes down deep inside, unlike other models which only vibrate and rub the skin.

Modern physical therapy may have discovered new gadgets to help give better result. However, the fact remains that since the early times therapeutic massage has always provided relief to people though the relaxing and healing effect that it gives. Why not save your self from the bad effects of modern lifestyle? Treat your self with therapeutic massage and find out how it would make you feel better, both inside and out.

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