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Treat Yourself to an Essential Oil Massage

If you haven’t tried an essential oil massage then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Sure, getting a massage is very rewarding after a long and grueling week, when you can hardly wait to lie face down and get a good full body massage. However, indulging yourself in an oil-based massage may be challenging at first, what with all the oils available on the market nowadays, but once you realize how luxurious an oil massage can be, you’ll surely be coming back for more.
The reason why an essential oil massage is an exceptional option is that it aids in achieving a more fluid and graceful yet intense massage, and it also relaxes the massage recipient due to the aromatic scent that most essential oils have. When an essential oil is used in giving massages, the massage therapist is able to give a silky and continuous massage to the client, without having to create any strain on the skin. Oils such as these do not have synthetic elements added to them and this natural property of the essential oils make it more ideal than those massage lotions loaded with chemicals and extenders. Essential oils have been utilized since the earlier times, and they have been proven to be excellent skin moisturizers. These oils also have body-relaxing aromas that make them even more ideal for massages. It is important however to choose those which are not too intense in concentration, so as to avoid from causing skin abrasions.
There is an essential oil massage ideal for people that lead physically active lifestyles like sports athletes, gym instructors, and the like. The common components of these oils may include Black pepper, Basil, or Lemon. In fact, these oils can also be utilized by people who just want to awaken their senses with mixtures that give off a fragrance that stimulates as much as it relaxes. You will realize that you have better energy throughout the day after a massage and after inhaling these wonderful scents.
Apart from strongly scented essential oils, there are also those which are used more for their calming effects. These types of essential oil mixtures emit aromas that promote soothing aftermaths especially after being caught in a work-filled week. Lavender oils, Rose oils, and Citrus extracts all make a blend that is delicious to the senses.
There are other uses for an essential oil massage, and this could even help couples share quality time with each other. In fact, these oils have already been established the world over as possessing aphrodisiac properties. Furthermore, massages using essential oils also promote more effective detoxification, therefore bringing about a healthier well-being.
Remember that using essential oils can add more excitement to your massage, promote better detoxification, and can even help your skin retain more moisture. There is no trouble in finding the right essential oils for you, as they are available in a variety of health stores. An essential oil massage is definitely a treat you can indulge in every week!


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